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Five At Heart


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Most people want to look sharp but don't have time to iron, especially those elaborate garments. Steamers can help but domestic steamers look like an afterthought and run out of water quickly. If you are looking to impress users with thoughtfulness and solve ironing as a problem, the Seymour has you covered.

The Seymour is a built-in self-filling steaming station designed for commercial change rooms. It's heavy-duty components will stand the test of time and keep users looking great for years.

  • Self-filling (plumbed in) reservoir to avoid the hassle of refilling
  • Premium Steamer (made in the USA) can withstand heavy duty use
  • Brass pipe extracts excess steam, with built in hooks

Make sure to order matching end panels to conceal gaps and exposed sides. Don't know exactly what you need? Contact us!

Don't know exactly what you need? Contact us!


Minimum 5 Years