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Five At Heart


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The increasing demand for flexible work environments means that corner offices and permanent desks are becoming less and less common. But you can (and should) still show your top talent that they are appreciated and valued by giving them them a reason to come back to the office.

The Lumbergh is a high-quality executive locker, with all the trimmings for your top talent including generous clothes and shoe storage, a private fridge, wireless charging, power points, designated document (or device) storage, and plenty of space for anything else.

  • Separate Shoe Storage - Getting them out of the way
  • Document/ Device Storage- Bring order to their day
  • Powerpoint and USB Charging - Powering up their gear
  • Padded leather wireless charging - They deserve to be treated like a boss
  • Personal Fridge- Where else is the champagne going
  • Gear Hooks - Keeping things tidy
  • Intray- For peeps to drop things off to
  • Knick Knack Tray - For the little bits and bobs
  • Lock agnostic, routed for hardwired swipe system*

*Don't forget to order locks -- if no lock is ordered, lockers will be outfitted with a standard key lock. 

Make sure to order matching end panels to conceal gaps and exposed sides! Don't know exactly what you need? Contact us!

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Minimum 5 Years