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Five At Heart

Cone of Silence

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Cone of Silence 

Say hello to the ultimate office pod. When you need flexibility in a fixed or open office, look no further than the Cone of Silence. Combining state of the art technology with premium finishes, you'll find the perfect space for focus, productivity, and collaboration. Give your users the privacy they need for 1-on-1 meetings, video conferencing, quiet time, or getting in the zone.

The way the world works has changed - it's time to transform our workplaces to make them worth coming in for. This is the future.

  • Integrated Technology gives users the flexibility to work better, whatever they are doing
  • Superior soundproofing technology ensures the sound stays in (or out)
  • Science windows offers privacy when you need it with the flick of a switch
  • Premium finishes offer the comfort and luxury your top talent deserve

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Minimum 5 Years